datafold – software for efficient manifold learning and time series data processing. This was developed in collaboration with Daniel Lehmberg.
Diffusion Map embedding of the s-curve manifold in sklearn.

NOMAD Laboratory – developed in the FAIRmat project, enables FAIR sharing and use of materials science data.
HDRP grass on large terrain.

Compute shader for terrain grass – Example project to demonstrate how GPU compute shaders can be used for efficient, high definition grass and other details in the Unity Engine.
HDRP grass on large terrain.

Learning SDE from snapshot data – Using neural networks to learn stochastic differential equations from time series data. See the arXiv paper for a more detailed description.

Vadere – software for the simulation of human crowds. You can read more about the software in this publication. For related publications, visit my publication page and the list at the Vadere homepage.
VADERE homepage